miércoles, 7 de junio de 2017


In my favourite poem by SAMUEL BECKETT, the title of the poem already says it ALL. The poem is short and plays with rythm and content. The first reading gives you such a flavour, that makes it unforgetable. I read it sometimes out loud for best friends. Once you have been there, you will always carry it with you. 

BECKETT asks himself, 
BECKETT asks you and me.


As resident in Prague i wonder what the word is. And also what the idea is. I walk around with a yellow bag that is already a heavy carrier of memory. I visit artshows in the day with the bag and picture artists in a variety of situations. I also have the blue bags in a small envelope, hidden. I respect the art DANIEL BUREN did in the sixties, working  in the peripheries of galleries, and i love the coloured sticks that CADERE brought to all the shows he was not invited to. Both are elegant yet evident. Im playing another game in an invisble-visible way. BUREN was displaying his tripes around the art hotspots to catch attention. Also cadere. The object of the art was to be seen. The coneptual idea of the monochrome bag as satellites of my basic colured clothes come from my long process with situations, where i have benn working not only with objects, with online memory, and trayectories, but also with the purpose of art as art. THE IDEA. If i carry the bags, is not only for an aesthetical reason, but also,  because i need to carry my camera, my phone and other pieces of art from here to there. So the bag is used as object. The artwork has function. That subverts the idea of constant fetish and dead nature that so many art pieces that we enjoy at galleries are. So i carry the bag and picture it, coming up with a new definition, i use them as  situational fixeres. The ongoing performance is natural, no audience needed in the city. I like the confort of having the sculpture with me at all times, attached. Of course that is just a triggger to flow in a context and generate situations that will enlarge the beauty of days, in constant collaboration with other bodies. The negotiation of affection is part of the ritual. BLUE BAGS already had some exposure during the last year in several countries. YELLOW BAG is still emerging. The game remains open.


YELLOW BAG >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 

BLUE BAGS  >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


Upon arrival we are invited to the house of the SPANISH AMBASSADOR that throws a small party to present the ideas that are active in the city this week. We have some champagne bubbles and jamón with Martinka, Oscar and Arístides. The wife and daughter of ambassador are great hosts and make us feel home. We talk to the director of the Cervantes Institute about the check identity in nowadays political situation. The kitchen-dialogues book by Oscar and Martinka, just published the last week, is given as present to the hostsWe move to center of town to relax at club NEUSTADT, have a last wine in a hybrid atmosophere. Next morning I take the day to walk from south to west and develope a relationship with the city. The amount of tourists in the center area pushes me fast to the side of the river. I love the natural bushes and the sound of trams. I establish my residency in the confortable and natural B&B as art that Martinka and Oscar run this week in Prague. They have built a hostel in their studio. The beds are amazingly solid and the space of the room makes it by far the nicest hostel i ever saw. Great evolution in their invisible political situation artworks. Most of the guests are artists that come to the quadriennale. In the night we club and dance the music by SSION AT MEET FACTORY. Visuals are great, in sync with the party. People hang around after concert is finished dancing in a big empty room. I have the minimal art set again with me. I will explore urban sound in ralation with tectonics in the city center and walk some natural scapes in the peripheries of Prague, as part of the ongoing series of situations, based on memories as sound, color, form and affection. Lets find the freshness of the days. I will use the monochromatic situational fixers a bit, only a bit. The local galleries display interesting art. I like video awareness. It is a fresh concept. no wonder lots of emerging artists are fascinated with it. If collage ruled dadá one hundred years ago, awareness seem to be a trend that is fixing the moment. I enjoy an installation made as a survival kit at space xx where we cook some beans and eat part of the show. I love eatable art. If in mexico city I ate all the installattion i did around my aboriginal avatar, in Prague we pick and eat cherrys from the huge trees in the slope at malastarana. oscar shakes the tree to make it rain on me. the feeling of cherrys hitting my back is marvelous. and toeat the in the earlly morning, after a night of good dancing in the basemment of rhe national gallery, after vernissage. in the show i liked a videoart work where two women run toward the camera from far away, one in a regular running outfit, and the other in a black burka. Simple and Elegant. no comments added. i fix the yellow with a floor sculpture installation made with flatty cement piramyds. the materiality is gorgeous and the efeect of barrier, landscape, architecture and burial come alltogether. way to go. Emerging art. during the opening the top floor i perform in green, white, purple and black again. the yellow satellite in the scenario pepared to interaction. the mirror, the lines and the use of technology work peerfectly. a hybbrid of art and lannguages mirrors and the floor installaion by CARL ANDRE. fast night. in the day we take a bus to visit the vietnamese sector in the south of praha. we coross the slopes with modern housing buildings near the river, to enter an area full of late communism housing blocks painted in basic colors. the surroundings are reasonable green. little hanoi is fenced, and the entry in full of wearhouses selling stocks of about everything. we walk around to find some colors and street food. the plasticity is amazing, most of the shops are made with old cargo containers. no designers needed. we eat. we dring. we smoke. a trip inside the trip. when leaving the area i lay for sone time in a drameland flowered landscape catching some beauty. YET ANOTHER relevant place of affection. NEXT DAY IT RAINS. i find two silvered small airpalnes in a fleamarket and i carry them for hours. i picture the bue bags with a naturlist sculpture of a young naked lady uneder a huge bridge. i walk home. wet. shower and chat with the artist invited by kitchen dialogues. saturday night glows. on sunday i leave the city to reach tursko and visit friend TZA, and make the last performance as direct action with water. the afternoon is sunny, the light hits the grass, the plants, some artworks and the bricks. the metal bath gets slowly filled while we drink tea. i record some minimal movements and play with the dogs. the big and the wounded. all black. i carry a black rubber, and black clothes. i display the set on the grass, second performnace clothes, after white and purple. the water is cold, not as much as in the norwegian winter. videoart is ready. urbanity, cherry trees and cold water. love prague.

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C0POS 481 https://youtu.be/Uqsfc3gChK8
COPOS 482 https://youtu.be/RHceHE69B7c
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COPOS 484 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jjDYduRgFzI ALBATROS


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